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About Vaser Liposuction Herne Bay

Why should you choose Advanced Lipo Centre? Quite simply, we’re the foremost Vaser liposuction practice in the nation. Our professional surgeon is one of the very best in the business, and the results we showcase here are excellent.

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We concentrate completely on Vaser treatments, so we’re able to perfect and develop our expertise in this field significantly more than practices offering multiple treatments. At Advanced Lipo Centre, we focus completely on Vaser liposuction techniques and procedures. With competitive pricing options, a minimally invasive procedure and the chance to walk out of the clinic within just hours of the procedure, Advanced Lipo Centre near Herne Bay provides the liposuction procedure that’s perfect for you as well as your lifestyle.

Please note that Advanced Lipo Centre are not based in Herne Bay. Our clinics are located in London & Nottingham, please contact us here.