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About Vaser Liposuction Middlesborough

If you’re planning to get liposuction, you’ll naturally wish to find the best provider possible. At Advanced Lipo Centre, our superior results, highly capable team and competitive prices put us right up there with the top cosmetic surgeons in the country.

Lipo Services

We concentrate wholly on Vaser treatments, so we’re able to perfect and develop our expertise in this field significantly more than clinics that provide multiple treatments. With a team of experts, competitive prices and a selection of options available, we are one of the nation’s number one liposuction clinics. Our two clinics consistently help transform our Middlesbrough clients’ bodies into works of art, giving them a new lease of life along with a real confidence boost.

Please note that Advanced Lipo Centre are not based in Middlesbrough. Our clinics are located in London & Nottingham, please contact us here.