Of all the complaints people have about their bodies, often the abdomen area is top of the list. Even though our stomachs may not be visible all the time, they can still affect which outfits we can wear and the way we look. Let’s be honest, muffin tops are not an attractive accessory to any outfit. This is why having a Vaser liposuction treatment on your abdomen area can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

With Vaser liposuction treatment, probes are inserted into tiny incisions and ultrasound energy is used to emulsify the fat cells. This liquid fat is then suctioned out with hollow tubes (called cannulas). In terms of the abdomen area, having Vaser liposuction treatment can transform your body by getting rid of love handles or slimming down your beer belly. This is one part of your body that can have an effect on the entire body, so any reduction in fat in this area can change your whole look and shape.

Get your stomach in shape with Vaser

Of course, for problem stomachs there is always the option of a tummy tuck, but this is a serious, risky procedure with a long recovery time. Vaser liposuction can remove fat cells as well as tighten the skin in order to sculpt the shape that you want. So, if you are carrying excess weight around your middle, Vaser liposuction may not immediately be able to give you the six-pack you’ve dreamt of, but it will still be able to have a slimming effect. On the other hand, if you are in relatively good shape and are just looking for a bit more definition, there is no reason why you can’t expect amazing results from Vaser liposuction on your abdomen.

The procedure is only as good as the doctor, though, and this is especially true for an operation on such a complicated, sensitive area.  A skilled and experienced doctor is obviously always what we want, but for a doctor to be able to manipulate the technology to perform the intricate sculpting needed for this particular procedure, they need to have already gained a lot of experience from previous surgeries.  In order to make sure you are confident with your doctor, don’t be shy to ask for photographs or testimonies from previous patients.

Luckily with Advanced Lipo Centre you are in teh safe hands of Dr. Bassi, one of the UK’s leading vaser specialists who is a member of the British Medical Laser Association & General Medical Council.