Wearing a sleeveless top can negatively impact on body confidence if you have underarms that are nowhere near as toned and taut as you would like them to be. Having to hide ‘bingo-wings’ can make you feel self-conscious even though it is natural to have more subcutaneous fat on the upper arms. The Vaser liposuction upper arms treatment is suitable for anyone wishing to have slender and sculpted arms.

Cosmetic Goals

The aesthetic goal of the Vaser liposuction upper arm treatment is for you to feel more attractive whilst wearing short sleeve clothing. The procedure consistently yields results that are well proportioned and without leaving visible surgical scars.

Vaser liposuction upper arms can:

  • Improve the disproportionate appearance of the arms
  • Achieve a slimmer, smoother and sleeker appearance of the arms
  • Improve overall body confidence

Problem Areas:

Bingo Wings

The pendulous, drooping flabby skin that hangs from the arm, when it is held in a horizontal position, is known as ‘bingo wings’. The Vaser liposuction upper arm procedure can virtually eliminate this common problem. Skin retraction can also be achieved with minimal scarring.

Anterior Axillary Fat Pads

The anterior axillary fat pads are located just in front of the armpit, on the chest. The fat pads usually become more prominent with age, and increase with obesity. The anterior axillary fat pads can be disproportionately large even in relatively thin physiques. The Vaser liposuction arm procedure can eliminate the fat pads at the same time as shaping and sculpting the arms.

Posterior Axillary Fat Pads

Located just behind the armpit, on the side of the back, are the posterior axillary fat pads. These fat pads can be removed at the same time as the Vaser liposuction upper arm procedure is performed.

Vaser Liposuction Upper Arm Recovery

Cosmetic treatment of the anterior axillary and posterior axillary areas requires that you wear absorbent padding for one to two days after surgery. The absorbent pads are best held in place with a torso compression garment, which should be worn for approximately one week. Each person’s body is different and therefore responds differently to treatments and procedures. After Vaser liposuction surgery some mild bruising and slight swelling to the treatment site is to be expected.

It is important that you do everythfing that you can to aid your Vaser liposuction upper arm recovery. During the recovery time drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Avoid any alcohol for at least the first 2-3 days after the procedure.