What to Expect Before and After the Lipo Procedure

There are a few things in life which are necessary but can cost a lot of money: a car, a house, an education. Then there are other things which may not be essential but will still contribute to a better quality of life. Vaser liposuction treatment can be considered to fall into the latter; it may cost more than you want but it is a worthwhile investment.

The reasons people decide to have liposuction vary from aesthetic reasons (“I want to look better in a bikini”) to emotional reasons (“I want to feel better about myself”) to health reasons (“The doctor told me I need to lose weight”). Whatever the reasons though, we can be sure it is a valid and justifiable decision and any money spent on the procedure is money well-spent. If you consider how much money you spend on temporary fixes like diet pills or supplements, deciding to spend a bit more on a permanent solution is a much better idea.

Patients Undertake a Consultation With Our Team Before The Process

Before a vaser liposuction treatment, all patients come into our clinic for a consultation with our team. During this appointment, we make sure this treatment is the right choice for you and for your body and decisions are made regarding the procedure to confirm what is necessary as  well as introcucing you to our surgeon Dr. Bassi (who is a member of the British Medical Laser Association & General Medical Council). This consultation is a very necessary part of the treatment as it not only helps the patient to feel more confident with their decision but also more comfortable with the logistics of the procedure. It’s also necessary for the surgical team so they know what needs to be done and can ensure the best possible care on the day of the treatment.

After the operation, the team will again look after you so you can be as comfortable as possible after the procedure and so you are aware of what you should and shouldn’t do afterwards. Before you leave the clinic, you will be given the appropriate compression garments and shown how they are to be worn. You will be given instructions on how to care for your body. These instructions must be heeded as they are intended to ensure the best possible outcome for you after your treatment.

If you attend the pre-treatment consultation and pay attention to the post-treatment aftercare advice, you will be allowing yourself to get the most out of your vaser liposuction treatment. Having vaser liposuction is not an easy decision when you consider the time and the costs involved, so it makes sense to try get the most out of the treatment.