Vaser Lipo is suitable for smaller body parts such as your chin

Liposuction is a very common technique for areas such as the thighs, stomach or chest areas. However, this is not to say that it is not possible to use Vaser liposuction treatments for other areas and indeed, we are finding more and more patients who come in for treatment on one area but then decide to do other areas at the same time. This is because Vaser liposuction is so gentle and non-invasive that it is possible to treat numerous areas in one treatment.
Vaser liposuction techniques are so precise that treatments are suitable for even smaller body parts, like the chin and neck area. Many patients feel uncomfortable with their neck or chin due to excess fat, sagging skin or the dreaded double chin phenomenon.
Unfortunately not all neck and chin fat can successfully be removed by liposuction because sometimes the fat is embedded in deeper parts of the tissue, so liposuction would not be a safe option, but many times Vaser liposuction is the ideal solution. Also, features of the patient can affect the outcome of a Vaser liposuction treatment. For example, a younger patient or one who has no history of major weight loss will have better elasticity in the skin which will help the skin contract better after the operation. In older patients or those who have lost a certain amount of weight, the skin will have lost its elasticity so even after the treatment there may still be some sagging of the skin. In these cases, a neck lift may be a better option. However, during your initial consultation with your doctor you will be advised what is the best plan of action for you.

Chin Liposuction is a short process

Of course, as with all medical procedures, there are pros and cons associated with the decision to have Vaser liposuction on the neck and chin area. On the one hand, because the area is so small it’s a short, simple procedure. On the other hand, it is in a tricky area which may make recovery a bit more difficult than with other areas of the body. Once the treatment is over, the patient needs to wear compression garments which can be uncomfortable as they are around the face. Lymphatic drainage may be necessary if there is a need to drain any excess fluid and this, too, may cause some discomfort.
So while a Vaser liposuction treatment to the chin and neck area may not be the most comfortable option, it can certainly have the biggest effect on your self-confidence because your face is the most prominent feature of your appearance and always on show. According to our patients, any discomfort during recovery is well worth it.
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