It’s not surprising in this day and age that we feel the need to improve our body image and have the best body possible. Liposuction treatments are becoming more and more popular and though it is more common to have the procedure done on areas like the tummy or the thighs, it is also possible to tackle smaller areas like the face. Even if you are happy with the rest of your body, if you have any issues with your face it can really affect your self-esteem.

There are numerous videos showing the procedure

Do you ever look at photos and cringe at your double chin? Have you ever watched a home movie and been embarrassed by your profile? Then it’s possible that vaser liposuction is a good option for your chin. The  vaser operation on your chin follows the same steps as vaser liposuction on any other part of your body: local anaesthetic is injected and the fat is melted using ultrasound energy; cannulas then remove the liquefied fat. Vaser liposuction is often considered a good choice for delicate areas such as the chin because it is able to target specific fat without damaging surrounding nerves or damage. Vaser liposuction even makes use of specific instruments for the parts of the face because of the nature of the area, so you can be sure the whole procedure will be much more delicate. In fact, if you look online you will find numerous videos showing how the procedure is done on the chin.

Chin lipo depends on your skin type

An added bonus: since the chin is such a small body part, the whole operation should only be about 15 minutes long. Recovery time is also shortened due to the size of the area to be treated, but of course recovery can be more limiting since you are required to wear a compression garment on your chin. Recovery time also depends on your skin type, though, so if you are lucky your recovery time may be surprisingly short.

We all know the dreaded feeling of looking at a photograph of ourselves or seeing a movie of ourselves and being unhappy with our profile or our features. If this unhappiness stemmed from your face or your chin it was generally thought that nothing could be done and we just needed to live with it. Not anymore. Thankfully with the vaser liposuction techniques we have available today, we are able to deal with issues like a double chin or saggy jowls and no longer have to be embarrassed by photographs or videos.
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