The Vaser Machine Is The Least Painful Lipo Process

Having vaser liposuction cosmetic surgery can be a scary thought, usually because we are not aware of the details of the process and when we think of liposuction we imagine a doctor energetically pumping fat out of our bodies. Not an appealing thought. Thankfully, with the technological advances of the last few years liposuction treatment is no longer the frightening procedure it once was and the vaser liposuction machine will ensure the most painless process possible.

So what exactly is a vaser liposuction machine and what will it do to you? Well, firstly, the vaser liposuction machine is not very scary. It’s not very big and it looks like something you’ll find in a dentist’s surgery. Once the doctor has explained to you how the procedure works and what it entails you will realise there is nothing to be frightened of.

The Vaser Process

The first step is to inject tumescent fluid into the area which is going to undergo the liposuction. This identifies the fat cells and prevents other tissue from being damaged. A cannula (a thin, metal rod) is then inserted into small incisions and ultrasound energy is used to emulsify the fat. This turns the fat into liquid so it can then be removed. The cannulas are then used to suck out the fat. This will involve a pumping motion from the doctor but not like before. These days, it is necessary to move the cannulas only slightly in order to remove the fat, because the fat cells are now liquid. Once the fat has been removed, the cannulas are removed and the incisions are stitched up. Drains are inserted to help excess liquid and any remaining fat to drain out.

So there you have it: nothing to be frightened of. Also, because the machine is relatively small, it is possible for you to have the procedure in your doctor’s rooms or a small surgery. There is no need to go to a hospital for the treatment. The time take for the process is also much shorter than for other surgical procedures. In fact, the whole process is more similar to visiting your GP than going to a hospital for surgery.

If you are considering vaser liposuction but are afraid of the treatment process, take comfort in the fact that the situation is a lot more familiar than you think. If you don’t think twice about visiting your family doctor, you shouldn’t be nervous about having a vaser liposuction treatment, especially as our surgeon is one of the leading vaser specialists in the UK an a member of the General Medical Council and the British Medical Laser Association.