What to expect from Mens Vaser Liposuction

Historically speaking, liposuction cosmetic surgery has been the domain of women. Not anymore, it seems. With the rise in fascination and obsession with body image, men too are becoming more body conscious and so turning to cosmetics and cosmetic procedures to improve their body image. This tendency extends to liposuction and now doctors are claiming they are treating just as many men as women.
While Vaser liposuction is popular with women for common problem areas like the inner thighs, upper arms, hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks, it is becoming more and more popular with men for different body areas. Liposuction is no longer a procedure used solely for the purpose of fat loss, it is also used extensively to contour and define muscle tone. So it is suitable for people who already have good muscle tone, but would like more definition, and this is often the category men will fall into.
It is no secret that men and women’s bodies are different and so it is reasonable to believe that men and women will respond differently to different treatments. Women naturally have more fat in the upper thighs, sides and belly areas while men store fat in their upper chest area and their stomachs. Not only that, but men’s bodies usually respond better to treatments relating to fat loss or muscle building, which means that men can expect really good results from a Vaser liposuction treatment.

Lipo techniques available

Men are especially attracted to procedures using the Hi-Def and 4D technique, which can be used in the abdominal and pectoral areas to complement existing muscles. Essentially, the fat is removed or repositioned so that the muscles become more visible and the area has a more sculpted look. In this way, the treatment makes use of positive and negative spaces to create new contours and accentuate muscle groups.
What is appealing about the vaser procedure is that it is aimed not only at weight loss but also muscle definition. In other words, you do not need to be overweight to opt for treatment. For the most part it is actually beneficial to be in good shape before the treatment, as this will speed up the recovery time and ensure instantly visible results. In effect, Vaser liposuction is offering an alternative to sweating it out for hours at the gym or running marathons. In this day and age when we don’t have a lot of time to spare, a procedure like this is a very attractive option to the busy man, especially because cosmetic surgery has long since lost the stigma attached to it in previous decades.