One of the biggest fears about signing up for a vaser liposuction treatment is the pain factor. This is not surprising considering it is a surgical procedure, but the good news is that the pain during the procedure is a lot less than you would expect. The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic, which means that the area is numb during the operation. Technically, you won’t feel pain though some people feel slight discomfort.

In fact, probably the biggest factor in considering pain during the liposuction procedure is the skill of your surgeon. Vaser liposuction should not be painful during the operation itself. The only way in which you will feel any pain is if you are not given enough anaesthetic and it wears off. Ideally, and usually, your body part is completely numb during the entire procedure and even for a few hours afterwards. However, if that anaesthetic wears off and you regain feeling in the body part, this will undoubtedly be painful, just as it would in any surgical procedure.

Your own body affects the pain levels of the lipo procedure

Of course, a person’s body will affect how they react to anaesthesia. Your reaction, tolerance and metabolism will dictate how much anaesthetic you will need or for how long the anaesthetic will last. However, these considerations should be thought of by your doctor before the surgery and he or she should be able to prevent the situation where you will feel any pain.

This is the reason it is so important to be confident in your doctor. There have been cases of cosmetic procedures which have resulted in pain for the patient when there was no need for pain, and the reason was that the doctor had made an error in judgement regarding the anaesthetic. An experienced surgeon who has performed the same procedure numerous times as well as other similar procedures will have more experience in dealing with the different bodies of different patients, and so will be better equipped to make the correct decisions regarding your treatment.

While pain may be an issue affecting your decision on whether or not to undergo a vaser liposuction procedure, don’t let it be. Thanks to the technological advances of this day and age, you can be confident in the knowledge that there is no need for pain during the treatment and the doctor will be able to ensure that you experience no pain or discomfort.