If you don’t wear long trousers or tracksuit pants every day, chances are your legs are often on show

While many people have been blessed with smooth, shapely legs, many feel uncomfortable with their legs dues to unsightly lumps or bumps. While it is not unheard of for people to have issues with their ankles or their knees, usually it is the thighs that are problematic.

Often the problems we have with our thighs are not responsive to diet and exercise and are the result of unfortunate genetics or stubborn pockets of fat that are immune to our best efforts. Instead of spending time and money on gym memberships, personal trainers or juicers, a much easier option is to undergo Vaser liposuction treatment.

The legs Lipo service only lasts a couple of hours

It is important to bear in mind, however, that the procedure and recovery time of a Vaser liposuction treatment depends on the area to be treated. In terms of your legs, there is probably a large area to be targeted and so a large amount of fat will likely be removed. What this means is that the procedure time may take a few hours (at most) but you are likely to feel uncomfortable for a while afterwards. This is because no matter what you do, your legs will be used – unless you are lying still, which is not very fun. So even if you are not doing any hectic exercise, even if you are just walking, sitting and bending, your legs will feel sensitive and at times sore.

Also, after the operation, it may be a few days before you feel as if any difference has been made. The results will be visible immediately, but because of the excess liquid fat which still needs to be absorbed by the body and the anaesthetic solution which was injected into your legs, you will probably be heavier than you were before. You may also experience bruising on your legs, but this will depend on your body’s predisposition to bruising.

All of these factors are to be expected, though, so if you are heavy and bruised in the days immediately after the procedure, don’t be discouraged. Take a few pain pills, drink lots of liquid and rest for as long as you can, and soon you’ll feel confident enough to bare your legs in any situation.