There is a lot of discussion around beauty treatments, but in the case of Vaser liposuction, seeing is definitely believing. As all good clinics should, we have loads of photos of our patients both before and after their surgeries to act as testimonies to the work we do. There is no better way to judge the results of a treatment than to actually see the end results and, trust us, you want to see these!

This patient had a very hectic lifestyle, as many of us do, and couldn’t spare the time to work out at the gym, even though he genuinely wanted to. When he found out about Vaser liposuction – on the recommendation of a friend – he decided to give it a go and if you look at him now, you’ll understand how pleased he is that he did.

Another patient had issues with her stomach which seemed to be genetic. She wasn’t overly big or overweight, but she had always thought her stomach was out of proportion to the rest of her frame. The Vaser liposuction treatment took centimetres off her middle and helped her feel more comfortable with what she has.

Another gentleman came in for a procedure because he wanted to get rid of a bit of excess fat around his middle. After a thorough consultation with the doctor, a treatment plan was devised which gave him a body he never dreamed he could have.

This patient found that after giving birth to two babies, her body was just not bouncing back to what is was before. Though she did try as much as she could to eat right and exercise, the pregnancy weight just didn’t want to come off. After Vaser liposuction treatment, though, she was back at her pre-pregnancy weight and able to play a more active role in her children’s lives.

As you can see, our clinic has had the privilege of working with numerous satisfied customers, and we are lucky enough to be able to share their success stories with you. Before and after photos are a great way to spread the word about the possibilities of Vaser liposuction treatment, but they are actually more for the patients themselves, to help them see exactly how far they have come.