How much does Vaser Lipo cost?

Every year millions of pounds are spent on cosmetics, fitness programmes and fancy diets, all in the quest for the perfect body. Undergoing a medical procedure for the sake of aesthetics may seem like a frivolous use of your hard-earned money but when you realise that it will be a once-off cost, in comparison to monthly costs, then you will start to recognise it for the worthwhile investment it is.

Cost can be a serious consideration when it comes to any surgical procedure. While we would all like to pay as little as possible, it must be remembered that in medicine, you don’t want to save a few dollars if that is to the detriment of the treatment. In other words, cheaper does not necessarily mean better. It is important to consider the cost of the treatment carefully, but also to look at other aspects of the treatment which may affect the price. Don’t forget that with a surgical procedure, there is not only the cost of the operation but also pre-treatment and post-treatment costs.

Can I afford Vaser Liposuction?

As with any medical procedure, it is often assumed that liposuction is very expensive. However, when you consider the fact that with Vaser liposuction surgery there is no need to spend money on travel arrangements and costs to get to a faraway clinic or hospital or lengthy hospital stays, then the costs are relatively affordable. What’s more, because the recovery time for a Vaser liposuction treatment is so short – some patients are back at work 12 hours after the procedure – it won’t be necessary to take more time off work than is absolutely necessary.

On the whole, Vaser liposuction is significantly less expensive than other body sculpting techniques. What’s more, the cost of the treatment includes a consultation with the doctor performing the surgery in order to discuss your goals and expectations from the procedure, as well as follow up consultations and check ups for months after the procedure. All these extras are vital for the success of the treatment and to ensure your satisfaction, and they are all included in the cost.

When you look at all these points and you add up exactly how much you spend each month replacing cosmetics or experimenting with the latest fad diet, the cost of the Vaser liposuction treatment is quite reasonable.