Competitive Vaser prices

Any medical procedure is going to come at a price and Vaser liposuction is no different, but if you consider exactly what you are getting for the amount you are paying, you will realise this procedure will be money well-spent. If you do your research on liposuction treatments, you will find there is quite a variety in prices. Different clinics will offer not only a range of treatments, but also different pre- and post-treatment services.

While we are able to offer treatments at competitive rates, we are proud of the services and treatments that we offer. We offer a specialised service including a pre-treatment personal consultation with the doctor and a number of post-treatment checkups. We have well-qualified staff who are trained to deliver the best service possible in order to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our patients. It is widely believed that the success of your Vaser liposuction depends on the calibre of the doctor carrying out the procedure and our doctors have the training and the experience needed to give you the best possible outcome.

Vaser Lipo prices depend on the areas you wish to target

Our starting prices range from £1, 500 for Vaser liposuction and £2,500 for Vaser Hi-Def and 4D. The exact cost of your Vaser liposuction treatment will depend on which body areas you wish to be targeted and which Vaser liposuction techniques are decided to be optimal for your needs and your body type.

However, the fact that there is no need to spend a night in the hospital and the fact that you can go back to work very soon, means that our procedures are more cost-effective than other treatments, as there are no other added costs. Furthermore, the nature of Vaser liposuction means that you usually only need one treatment and there will be no need to spend any more money on costs related to further operations or procedures.

What’s more, we understand that the prices of these treatments can be out of reach for many people and so we are able to offer finance options for those who would like to undergo the treatment but have financial situations which make it difficult to afford. If you are employed, self-employed or retired, aged between 18 and 72 and have a minimum gross income of £10,000, then you are eligible for one of our finance packages.

So if you are seriously considering undergoing a Vaser liposuction treatment, talk to us about your specific needs and we’ll discuss with you the relevant financial options to cover the costs.