What to expect from the Lipo operation

If you are considering Vaser liposuction, it is perfectly normal to feel anxious or nervous. Any surgical procedures are frightening, but some more so than others. Vaser liposuction is a procedure that is not as terrifying as you think it is, for a number of reasons: the short procedure time, the use of local anaesthetic and the quick recovery.
If you wish to undergo a Vaser liposuction treatment, though the Vaser liposuction operation will only take a few hours, the entire treatment from start to finish will take a few days, and recovery will take a few months. Firstly, you will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your body issues, your expectations and the reality of your specific situation.

Before your procedure, it is a good idea to do exercise to tone and define your muscles as much as possible. This will affect the results of the treatment: the better shape you are in before the treatment, the better the results will be.
Then, on the day of the operation, when you arrive at the clinic, you will be given a sedative and anaesthetic will be injected into the body area that is the focus of the liposuction. This will make sure you do not experience pain but will only feel a dull pressure during the operation. A few tiny incisions will be made in the appropriate places and probes will be inserted. Ultrasound technology and vibrations are then used to liquefy the fat cells and the resulting liquid fat will be suctioned up. Once this is complete, the incisions will be closed.
Immediately after the procedure you will need to put on compression garments, but you will be free to go home a few hours after you arrived. You should rest for as long as possible. There may be some bruising and swelling and you may need to take a few painkillers to deal with any post-surgical pain, but this will be minimal and after a week or so you should be back to your normal routine. The results will be visible immediately but your body will continue to transform for a few weeks or even months.

The Liposuction recovery period

Finally, a few months later, your body will have returned completely back to normal. Any swelling and bruising would have disappeared weeks ago and any scars from the incision would have faded. Any excess liquid fat in your body would have been absorbed or drained and your body’s transformation will be complete.