We all know that the best way to get the body we dream of is through diet and exercise. Cut out sugar, eat smaller portions and sweat it out at the gym five times a week. But what if you do all that and you are still not seeing the results you want? This is where Vaser liposuction comes in. By having a Vaser liposuction treatment, your figure will be the shape you’ve always dreamed of and you will discover muscles in your body you may have never seen before.

But don’t just take our word for it; if you have a look at some of our happy customers you will understand what we are trying to say:

Our first patient is a lady who used to have the figure of a swimwear model, but age and lifestyle choices had meant that her stomach was a lot bigger than she wanted it to be. She was tired of reminiscing about the old days and wanted to undo all the damage she had inflicted on her body. After her Vaser liposuction treatment she was a changed woman: her confidence was back and she said she felt younger than she had in years!

We have a number of male clients too and this young gentleman was dedicated to working out at the gym. He was in good shape but unfortunately the hours he spent weight training had not given him the definition he wanted or deserved. He decided to opt for the Vaser Hi Def treatment and came back to us just a few weeks later, all smiles. He now boasted very clear, defined abs and he had rediscovered his motivation for exercise.

This young lady had developed insecurities about baring her legs in public as she thought they were too big. Finally she decided she needed to do something about it and came to us for a Vaser liposuction treatment. The difference is clear and shortly after her operation she treated herself to a summer holiday where she could wear short dresses and bikinis with confidence.

As can be seen from these amazing transformations, Vaser liposuction is not restricted to any gender, age group or body area. If you are unhappy with your any part of your body, and you are at your wit’s end as to how to deal with it, come in and talk to us; maybe you’ll be our next success story.