Full information on Vaser Lipo annd Scarring

There are many aspects of cosmetic surgery to consider before deciding to undergo a procedure, and scarring is one of them. While Vaser liposuction is considered to be a very safe procedure, any surgical procedure which involves cutting the body has the possibility of causing scarring.
During the Vaser liposuction procedure, small cannulas, or hollow tubes, are inserted into incisions in order to be able to suction out the fat from the targeted areas. At the end of the procedure, the cannulas are removed and the incisions are closed. However, no stitches are necessary as the cannulas are only a few millimetres wide and so this rarely causes bruises or scarring. Indeed, if there are any scars these will fade quickly over time due to their size, or they are placed in strategic places on the body so as to make them almost invisible. However, it must be remembered that each person is different and if your skin is more prone to scarring, then any scars from the procedure may not fade completely.
Another possibility which might affect the probability of scarring is pigmentation. Any injury to the skin can cause hypo- or hyper-pigmentation. The darker the skin’s pigmentation, the darker the spot. These spots will eventually fade but will take more time to fade on darker skin. Hypo-pigmentation may occur as a result of the friction of the cannula during the suction process. This friction can cause scar tissue in the fat and so a fibrous scar will form on the skin. In this case, the scarring can remain for years. Again this is dependent on various factors relating to the patient.

Vaser Lipo usually leaves minimal scarring

The thing is, with Vaser liposuction the treatment time is short so the chance for a scar due to pigmentation to develop is much smaller than in other cases. Any scarring that occurs from the incisions will be so small it will not be noticeable. So on the whole, while there is a chance of scarring from Vaser liposuction treatment (as with all procedures), the odds are low and the probability of the scar fading is high. Furthermore, a thorough aftercare routine will always include intensive massage therapy which will help to break down the scar tissue, prevent lumps from forming, reduce cellulite and ultimately prevent any scars from forming.