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When most people think of area’s they’d like to get liposuction, they think of stomachs, inner thighs and the dreaded ‘bingo wings’ on their upper arms. But liposuction techniques nowadays are so subtle and targeting, there are no limits to the places you can sculpt with the help of this method. Check out our top five vaser lipo hotspots that you’ve never considered before…

Your jawline and neck

It’s said that one of the first signs of ageing for both men and women is the dreaded ‘jowl’. Fatty deposits on the face can cause a double chin that looks dreadful on photos, and the weight of the fat can bring the whole face down with it, for a less taut look. By opting for Vaser liposuction on the face, you can slim your neck and jawline down entirely, for a look that could take years off.

Your breasts

Many women nowadays have considered a surgical breast reduction – it slims down the silhouette and can make women look trimmer all over. But with the prospect of scarring and long recovery times, it’s something that most ladies have put out of their minds. Not anymore! Gentle liposuction around this area can subtly reshape the breasts without leaving scars, for a silhouette that is svelte and slim, and no extensive recovery time.

Your back

This goes for both men and women – when summer rolls around, many people dread making an outing in their vests or strappy tops, because of the dreaded ‘back fat’. Liposuction can be used to target this area and slim it down entirely, so you can wear your skimpy tops with pride.

Your ankles

This one might sound odd, but bear with us! Many women, especially after having children, suffer from what’s commonly known as ‘cankles’. This is when the distinction between the calf and the ankle becomes blurred – it can make the legs appear shorter, as opposed to the gentle and elegant curve between ankle and calf that many women aspire to. A little liposuction around this area can make the leg appear more graceful and shapely – perfect for ladies that spend their lives in pencil skirts.

Your chest

Men, this one is just for you. A surprisingly large number of men suffer from the appearance of breasts, which can be very embarrassing for them. They can also be difficult to lose with exercise – thus many men turn to liposuction to give them to more muscular and macho chest they’ve always dreamed of. It’s not just the ladies that can use liposuction to give them a breast reduction or reshape!