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Vaser liposuction is a medical procedure that leaves prospective candidates worried.  Interestingly, the major cause of concern is not the cost of the procedure or the degree of pain. The procedure is cheaper today than it ever was and the pain factor has never been more manageable.  For many, the main reason why they are stalling on their vaser lipo surgery is that they’re afraid of scarring.

Always explaining to friends and family that you got your scar from a liposuction procedure is not desirable. Declining summer activities because your swimsuit will reveal your scars is even worse. It’s pretty understandable that many people are worried about the resulting scars. After all, one of the reasons for going through with vaser liposuction is to achieve a body you will be proud to show off.

What is the reality?

The reality is that vaser liposuction, just like most forms of liposuction involves making an incision on the affected area. A tube is then inserted into the location and excess fat is removed through a back and forth motion. This will lead to a scar at the end of the healing process, but the visibility or deepness of the scar is dependent on a variety of factors.

Skill of the cosmetic surgeon

This is the first step to determining if you will have a severe, hard-to-miss scar or something more subtle. Going with a highly skilled surgeon reduces the chances of this happening. A skilled surgeon will understand optimal and strategic positioning of the cannula in a manner that will ensure completion of the process, without badly defacing the surface of the skin in the treated area.

Adherence to instructions

Scars after a vaser lipo procedure are normal, due to it being an invasive procedure. However, the scar will be made negligible if you follow pre and post-operative instructions as handed down by your surgeon. Most of the instructions are made to ensure you don’t have deep scars.  One such instruction from surgeons, aimed specifically at reducing the severity of liposuction scarring, is the use of post-operative salves and ointments.  The ointments help swelling to abate and any scars will diminish greatly in size.

Immediately after surgery, the scars around the liposuction area will appear red and irritated. A few weeks later, following regular use of recommended ointments, the scar should be much less noticeable. After you wait out the initial weeks following treatment, you can begin to enjoy the true benefits of your vaser lipo treatment.

It is important to note that the chance of noticeable scarring is higher with darker skin, but working with a highly qualified doctor and following instructions will ensure you won’t have any regrets.