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It used to be that liposuction was something for bums, tums and thighs only – but the developments in recent years have made the procedure so subtle and precise that you can get liposuction almost anywhere! Take a look at our rundown of where exactly you can get liposuction using our top Vaser techniques.


The stomach is an enduringly popular area for those considering liposuction – it’s an area that many people feel insecure about and it’s notoriously tough to target with exercise. Whether you’re a mum who’s given birth and not quite sprung back into shape, or whether you’re a man who wants some seriously sculpted abs, Vaser liposuction is a great option.


The rise of the coveted ‘thigh gap’ has seen the number of women receiving liposuction in this region soar. But inner thigh lipo is no new trend – it’s been one of the most popular problem areas for many years, and definitely an area that can be treated effectively and enduringly with non-invasive liposuction.


Nowadays, the trend for shapely buttocks has been led by stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez – many people aren’t looking to reduce the size of the behind, they’re looking to sculpt it! Rumour has it that Kim K had liposuction in her thighs and then had the fat transferred into her buttocks for that unique and shapely look.


When the face starts to sag it’s one of the most noticeable signs of ageing. Skin doesn’t have the elasticity of youth, and pockets of fat start to drag the face down and make both men and women appear older than their years. Getting gentle, non-invasive liposuction around the chin and neck area can take years off!


The phenomenon of ‘cankles’ is one which many women feel insecure about. This is when the ankle and calf form a straight line, rather than the gentle and elegant curve that many women covet. Vaser liposuction nowadays is so precise, it can be used to reshape that soft curve between calf and ankle, to make the legs appear more shapely and graceful.


It’s rumoured that Demi Moore has undergone liposuction just above her knees as the skin there started to sag. This is another tell-tale sign of ageing, and with the gentle liposuction now available, it’s easy for women to rectify the problem and feel great about their legs once more.


If you experience the dreaded ‘bingo wings’, it’s likely you have some extra fat building up around your elbows. As well as removing the fat further up the arm, liposuction can gently sculpt the area around the elbow to ensure that the removal of the ‘bingo wings’ is not too overt.