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Gynecomastia, or ‘man boobs’, is a condition that affects around 15% of adult males in the UK. It is a condition characterised by excess fat in a man’s breast area.   It is often triggered by a reduction in testosterone levels and an increase in oestrogen levels.  Oestrogen controls the female traits of the body and although it is found in most males, it’s usually in drastically reduced levels. When the oestrogen becomes more pronounced, the ‘moobs’, as they are known in some quarters, will appear.

This breast fat is often very difficult to shed. In the majority of cases, it remains unmoved even after a weight loss or diet regime has worked for most other parts of the body.   Gynecomastia is often a source of concern for the individual and this is a leading cause of emotional upset and low self-esteem in middle aged men.  Fortunately, vaser liposuction is one efficient method of tackling this problem.

Liposuction is a procedure best known for its usefulness in targeting stubborn areas of fat that simply won’t go away.

Why Gynecomastia vaser liposuction?

Gynecomastia vaser liposuction consists of minimally invasive treatments that can help adult males achieve the body stature of their dreams without going through the risk and pain associated with major surgery, under general anaesthesia.  It is less invasive than standard liposuction. The procedure allows easy differentiation between fat and important tissues like blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves, which almost completely eradicates the risk of damage to these areas.

With gynecomastia vaser liposuction, the fat around the chest region is liquefied and removed through a gentle suction process.  Since the procedure is less invasive than standard liposuction, patients can be treated on an out-patient basis.

Recovery process

Recovery is quick, allowing patients to return to their standard activities within a short period of time.  Gynecomastia results are often very soft and efforts are made to ensure that the chest region doesn’t look out of sync with the rest of the body.  The majority of gynecomastia vaser liposuction patients get back to work in less than 3 days. However, you will be expected to continue taking mild pain medications for a while, until the healing process is completely finished.

Is there need for additional procedures?

Most cases of gynecomastia vaser liposuction are concluded after the first procedure. The male chest fat and breast tissues are removed permanently, meaning the results are mostly permanent. All of the fat in the region will not be removed though.  A small portion will be left to ensure that your body maintains a synchronised appearance as mentioned above.

The key to the best results is finding a fully qualified liposuction expert that understands how to treat gynecomastia, and use vaser liposuction as a body sculpting exercise rather than just a fat removal process.