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It is, indeed, possible to go through liposuction without anaesthesia; however the majority of patients prefer not to be awake at all during the process.  Regardless of what your preferences are, a good liposuction specialist will be able to offer you the right advice.

The first step to overcoming the anaesthesia challenge is to work with a fully qualified medical doctor.  Confidence in the abilities of a doctor increases the feeling of comfort with the entire liposuction process and you will be more at ease regardless of the anaesthesia method chosen.

Why is anaesthesia important?

Anaesthesia is important and necessary for a smooth operation and proper recovery.  The different varieties of anaesthesia do not just provide pain relief and keep you still during the surgery process, they also help control the body’s natural reaction to pain or trauma.

There are several types of anaesthesia, but not all are applicable to liposuction. The types of anaesthesia are local, regional, general and conscious sedation. Liposuction is usually done using either local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, although the definitive choice is dependent on the preferences of the surgeon and the size of the area being treated.

Local anaesthesia will numb a small area and is most common in smaller lipo procedures.  It is usually offered as a shot or injection, but also be applied to the skin to numb the skin. When having liposuction with local anaesthesia, sedatives like Valium may be administered to you orally or intravenously; the aim being to put you to sleep for the entire procedure.

In liposuction procedures where general anaesthesia is deemed the appropriate move by the surgeon, you will be completely asleep and unaware before the procedure even begins. The anaesthesia can be inhaled as a gas or be injected intravenously as a liquid.

Anaesthesia Risks

Anaesthesia carries high risks. One of them is the risk of allergies as a result of medications being taken by the patient. It doesn’t matter if you’ve undergone anaesthesia safely in the past; the allergies can occur at any time. This why the best liposuction surgeons  endeavour to confirm if you have any underlying conditions like lung, heart or circulatory conditions as well as asthma and general allergies. Any of these can complicate the process.

If you are taking any herbal medications, there is also a risk that the ingredients in the product can interact with the anaesthetic drugs being used. It is important for you to tell your surgeon and anyone else involved in the procedure, about all medications you are taking – including over-the-counter drugs, vitamin supplements and herbal medicines.  Vaser liposuction doesn’t require you to stop all medications, but it is in your best interest to notify the doctor about them all.