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For people looking to undergo liposuction to remove body fat, one of the main questions asked is just how much fat they can be allowed to remove.  This is question becomes even more apt when the individual is considerably overweight and trying to achieve fast results.

The amount of fat that can be removed, however, is determined in two ways. With some surgeons 5,000 millilitres or 11 pounds of fat is the maximum for a single procedure. This is the amount that will be removed, irrespective of body weight or fat status. In other cases, the body mass index (BMI) of the patient is used to determine how much fat extraction is safe. The BMI of a patient is a rough estimate of body fat based on height and weight measurements.

However, many surgeons still work with the first method. This is because the BMI method is still deemed too discretionary and could allow room for costly errors.  There is no data or scientific backing for the BMI criteria; which has resulted in many countries being reluctant to pass it into law.  That said, some doctors do work with the BMI recommendation and have achieved plenty of positive results. Others work with the standard method of removing 11 pounds of fat, with just as much success.

The safe amount of fat to remove, therefore, comes down to the doctors conclusions following the different stages of consultation.  During the initial examinations and discussions, doctors look at certain factors to determine what amount of fat can be safely removed.  Some of these factors include:

Procedural spacing

If you’ve had liposuction at any time in the past, the doctor will take a look at the date and style of procedure to be sure your body has had the maximum healing time.  Your procedure will not be safe without adequate checks.

Moderation limits

Liposuction is a procedure that can help individuals become healthy and improve body image. However, extreme, excessive or mega liposuction will not be sanctioned by a qualified surgeon. You may want to go from your current “big” stature to a Beyoncé or Kate Middleton stature overnight. A good surgeon knows not to honour your request, in the interests of your health!

Possible complications

There are many health conditions that could become worse with excess fat removal. These are mostly conditions that affect the organs and general functionality of the body.  In some cases, the conditions will prevent the doctors from carrying out the liposuction process entirely.  This is why a good portion of the diagnostic process is spent on meticulously scanning your medical history.

In conclusion, the exact amount of fat that it is safe to remove from you during a liposuction process can only be determined after proper consultations with a qualified doctor. How they arrive at the conclusion may vary depending on the professional’s experience and their method of working.