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Vaser liposuction results can be thought of as permanent. This is because fat cells have been removed from the area. Once removed, these cells cannot return, they stay gone.

If a person were to gain fat after the procedure, it would be stored in other parts of the body. Also, not all fat cells can be removed from an area of the body, so the area where lipo was performed can still store fat too. Fat cells do not have a maximum capacity, they can grow and stretch to store more, so it is possible to undo the effects of lipo when gaining a lot of weight.

With that said, usually your body will hold its new shape, providing the weight gain isn’t too extreme. Instead a person would gain weight evenly all over the body, making them bigger in size but the same shape overall.

Liposuction is not a weight loss regime

Keep in mind the liposuction isn’t a great way to lose weight. Your weight won’t change a lot by removing fat from specific areas. Instead, the best use of this procedure is to adjust the shape of your body, or to deal with problem areas where you have struggled to lose the fat. These types of areas often include the thighs, abdominal areas (especially lower and side abdominal areas), and the under-arms. Preferably you would already be quite close to your ideal weight before a liposuction procedure.

Pregnancy shouldn’t change results

Pregnancy  shouldn’t affect the results of liposuction treatment. Your body will get bigger during pregnancy, though it should return to its post-lipo shape after the pregnancy is over.

Ageing can distort results

Ageing will begin to gradually undo the effects of liposuction. After all, nothing can stop or reverse the effects of time. As our bodies age, we begin to store fat more easily. We can also gain more weight, due to a lower metabolism, and our skin becomes looser and less elastic. Due to these factors, liposuction results can fade over time. This is a slow, long process though, so isn’t something to be worried about at this time.

With some patients, fat gained after the procedure might be stored in an area of the body that didn’t previously hold much fat. This can of course change the body shape you wanted in the first place. These kind of effects mean that if you follow a good diet and exercise plan after your procedure, and keep good control of your weight, your body can be maintained for a very long time without more procedures.

Diet and exercise are vital

You don’t need to be killing yourself to keep the changes from your liposuction procedure, your surgeon will be able to discuss things like a diet and exercise plan with you. It really just means not over-eating, not eating lots of very bad food, and doing a little exercise to keep yourself in shape.

While all liposuction procedures will affect your body in the way mentioned here, removing the fat cells with good effect, Vaser techniques are preferred for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the least invasive form of treatment, meaning you don’t even need an overnight stay in hospital. Additionally, it doesn’t leave a rough, bumpy effect like some other treatments are known to. Vaser gives you a great, natural looking finish.