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With the constant bombardment of slim and toned celebrity images in the media, it’s easy to see why some people might feel secure about their stomach. From seeing pop stars frolicking on the beach to the latest trend of posting gym selfies on social media, the public constantly sees images of these honed and toned stars, and believes that their own stomachs can’t measure up.

Though many of us don’t expose our stomachs very often (especially living in Britain with its unpredictable weather), the shape of our abdomen affects how our clothes fit us. They affect what type of clothes we can wear – men feel reluctant to opt for slim-fit shirts if they have a slight paunch, while women avoid stylish high-waisted pencil skirts for fear of their ‘mummy tummy’ become apparent.

What can I do if I’m insecure about my stomach?

Luckily, there’s a solution. Getting Vaser liposuction on your abs and stomach region is an ideal way to slim down and achieve wonderful definition. Now men and women can flash the flesh on their summer holidays, they can wear slim-fitting clothing and revealing crop tops, as well as feeling generally comfortable in their own skin – all thanks to Vaser.

How does Vaser Lipo work?

Vaser abs liposuction uses ultrasound energy to liquidize the fat inside the body, before insert tiny little cannulas to drain off the fluid. This means that, unlike traditional liposuction, there won’t be any nasty scarring or droopy skin after the procedure. Vaser is minimally invasive, and the recovery times are excellent – you can walk out of the clinic just a few hours after the procedure takes place, and bruising and swelling will be kept to a minimum.

The results

Vaser is so fast and effective, you’ll see almost instantaneous results. Your flat stomach will be evident as soon as the procedure is over, and you’ll be able to show it off almost as soon as you leave the clinic. There’ll be barely any bruising or swelling – a small amount is to be expected, but recovery times take just a few days.

The best part is, you’ll continue to see results for the next few weeks! The ultrasound energy will continue to break down fat within the targeted area, and your body will naturally get rid of the liquid as it happens. Your results may be impressive when you walk out of the clinic – but just give it a few weeks and prepare to be truly amazed by your new flat abs!