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Body hang-ups can happen to anyone, even the rich and famous. Many people in the limelight find that their insecurities are amplified when they’re followed around by paparazzi and reporters all day long – so of course, they want to ensure they’re in the very best shape possible. If that means turning to liposuction to give themselves a boost, so be it!

We’ve already featured five top celebrities that have undergone liposuction on the blog, but guess what? Here’s five more!

Mariah Carey

The self-confessed diva (or The Elusive Chanteuse, as she likes to be known) is rumoured to have had liposuction after the birth of her adorable twins. Many women choose to have liposuction after they’ve given birth because it’s hard for them to spring back into their natural shape – even when you have the help that Mariah does!

Britney Spears

This other popstrel has had two children and turned to liposuction to help her get back into shape ahead of her high-profile residency in Vegas. We have to say, the pop princess looks absolutely fantastic nowadays – the lady that used to have the finest abs in show business is well on her way to reclaiming that crown!

Jessica Alba

Another lady that’s turned to cosmetic surgery to get back to her best after having kids. The gorgeous movie star is rumoured to have had laser liposuction to keep her body flawless. Many people have the misconceived idea that only people who are overweight get liposuction, but Jessica Alba certainly debunks that myth – indeed, many people turn to liposuction in order to get increased definition or to zap away problem areas like their ‘mummy tummy’ – we think she looks incredible!

Clay Aiken

The US singer, songwriter and occasional activist has admitted to have liposuction around his chin. He originally had surgery on his jaw for a disorder that he had – and he confirmed that he had them ‘suck the fat out’ of his chin while they were in there. Two jobs in one! We think the liposuction results are great!

Heidi Montag

This reality TV show star famously underwent ten cosmetic surgery procedures in the course of a day in order to achieve her dream body. The American beauty had liposuction on her neck, her waist, her hips and her inner and outer thighs, as well as a number of other procedures that helped her achieve the look she had always desired.