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Here at Advanced Lipo Centre, we know that everyone has body hang-ups and insecurities – even the most famous celebrities you can imagine! Stunning supermodel of the generation, Kate Moss, once famously labelled herself ‘bow-legged’, Sarah Jessica Parker is insecure about her hands, while Twilight stud Robert Pattinson says he feels self-conscious when he visits Australia because everyone’s in much better shape than him!

Luckily, there’s an answer for people who feel insecure about many of their body parts. Vaser liposuction is a great way to slim down and contour your body exactly the way you want it. It’s much more precise and gentle than traditional liposuction – so it’s little wonder people are turning to this solution in their thousands in a bid to achieve their desired shape!

But here at Advanced Lipo Centre, we offer two forms of Vaser liposuction – the regular Vaser option, and Vaser HD. Which one is right for you?

Vaser Liposuction

Traditional Vaser liposuction underpins all of the other Vaser procedures that are available. It provides the foundation for all of the treatments that come under the Vaser umbrella. The technique, as you may know, uses ultrasound energy to turn fat into liquid, before inserting tiny little cannulas to drain off the fluid and make the area appear much slimmer.

Unlike conventional liposuction, none of the surrounding tissues are damaged, which means a very small likelihood of bruising or scarring. There’s no need for general anaesthetic – a small local anaesthetic means less risk than normal liposuction, and the recovery times are really short. You could be up and about just hours after your Vaser procedure!

So where can Vaser be used? The results of this technique have been tailored to be soft and natural-looking, so it’s great to use on stubborn areas with fat that won’t seem to budge. The back of the arms are notoriously hard to tone, so this is a great place to get Vaser – same goes for those ‘love handles’ that appear on your waist. Many people use Vaser on their jawlines (another area that’s almost impossible to tone), and men have found that Vaser is a great solution for gynecomastia (also known as man boobs!).

Vaser Hi-Def

So what about Vaser Hi-Def, the other treatment that we offer here at Advanced Lipo Centre? Vaser Hi-Def is a more advanced technique which allows for the sculpting and toning of certain areas on the body, for a more athletic appearance. The intense definition that is achieved from this technique is great for areas that already have some toned muscle beneath – the abdomen, the back, the thighs and the arms, for example.

If you’re already in fairly good shape, but you’d like a little extra definition on those key areas, Vaser Hi-Def is the solution for you.